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Day or night - Ozgoods Auto Locksmiths is here to help you in Horsham, West Sussex, and the Surrounding areas! We're just a call away, whether it's to open a locked door or a lost key at your HOME , WORK or your VEHICLE inc (Motorcycle)


Info for you about your car and motorcycle keys

As car key and lock technology continues to develop the cost of replacing lost car keys is ever growing. According to Britannia Rescue, the leading provider of breakdown cover, the cost of replacing lost car keys is four times more expensive than a decade ago.

Surveys show that one in six (16%) drivers have permanently lost their keys at least once in the past.

Replacing car keys is no longer a simple case of cutting a key, but also programming central locking and transponders to communicate with the cars ECU.

Car manufacturers have individual rates for replacing lost car keys, but some such as Ford and Nissan could cost the unfortunate motorist in excess of £200. and some coded keys on motorcycle's are even more


We also cover locksmithing work on domestic and commercial property 24/7  

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